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Product Testing Results


Bodybuilders Bodywash has been tested around the world in the harshest of environments and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt its effectiveness.  It has been tested with soldiers, marines, airmen, and private military contractors on the front lines in combat warzones around the world to include Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa to name a few.  No products have been able to offer the same levels of superior personal hygiene in one simple and easy to carry bottle.  Many of these operators are exposed to biological and environmental hazards on a daily basis an need more than a soap that smiply smells good they need a soap that will not only kill the germs they come in contact with but keep them healthy and functioning at 100% and thats what makes Bodybuilders Bodywash their one and only choice.

Product Description


Bodybuilders Bodywash is a proven patented natural antispetic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-acne liquid soap bodywash/shampoo/shaving cream.  Bodybuilders Bodywash is a one and done superior personal hygiene product specially designed to kill germs you come in contact with in all environments and clean your skin like nothing else ever has or can. 


12oz bottles last 3.5-4 months with everyday use.  It couldnt be easier to use simply wash your body off with water then apply a dime to quarter sized amount to a face cloth and suds up from head to toe, allow the suds to sit on your body for 3-5 mins then wash off.  For external use only 


This product was designed by Airborne Army Ranger who served at 2nd 75th Ranger Regiment.  Who also served as a Recon Team leader/Desginated Marksman/Senior Scout for 3rd BDE 2nd Infantry Division 1/23rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team Recon Plt in Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 and 2.  As well as 1/158 Infantry as an Infantry squad leader/platoon sniper and Afghani security forces trainer in Operation Enduring Freedom 7 and 8.  The need arose from working on the front lines for a superior personal hygiene product and that lead to the creation of Bodybuilders Bodywash. 

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Why You Should Use Bodybuilders Bodywash


Bodybuilders Bodywash uses natural ingredients that have been time tested for 100's of years and proven safe and effective.  Think about it you use anti-bacterial soap on your hands before you eat or touch a baby to reduce germs and the chance of spreading sickness so why not apply that same concept to your entire body.  Lets face it the world is a dirty place and common areas like gyms, daycare centers and other popular public areas are rarely cleaned.  When popular public areas filled with people are rarely cleaned they become breeding grounds for all kinds of germs, viruses and bacteria that are harmful to your health.  Most soaps are nothing more than scented fat and do nothing to actually kill germs.  So you come home and jump in the shower planning on getting clean but in reality the heat from the shower and the fats from the popular soaps on the market do nothing but feed the bacteria and increase the chances of skin problems and health risks of becoming sick.  Then you jump in bed or on the couch and you have now created a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and cause skin issues like acne to flourish.   


The solution is clear and its Bodybuilders Bodywash this patent formula is specially designed to kill those germs you come in contact with, even viruses like mrsa and other serious conditions like ringworm and even athletes foot to name a few of the most common problems associated with dirty environments.  An antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-acne liquid soap bodywash/shampoo/shaving cream is the answer.