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Sixth Sense is a revolutionary new way to diet that harnesses the power of the Miracle berry fruit that everyone can use to learn how to eat healthy foods and enjoy them.  You can now safely and with zero calories or negative side effects temporarily change all your taste buds to magnify sweet flavors.  This makes candy, soda or foods loaded with sugar to sweet to consume. Sixth Sense takes bland, sour or bitter healthy foods and makes them taste amazing! 

1. Fat burners don't exist, there are only stimulants that increase resting heart rate and exercise output which burns extra calories.

2. Appetite suppressants are a doubled edged sword. You need the correct calories to function otherwise you'll have no energy to exersice. Most people will just not eat for a few days then crash because of no carbs then end up binge eating.

The only way to lose weight and keep it off long term is to eat healthy foods in the correct ratios of food to properly fuel the body and to burn more calories than you consume. Sixth Sense helps you to actually enjoy healthy foods by safely and temporarily changing all of your taste buds to sweet!

Replacing bad calories with good calories low in fats and sugars will cause natural weightloss that will not negatively effect your mental or physical state. For instance replacing soda with seltzer water can cut 200 to 800 bad calories per day depending on how much you consume.

But this is where 90% of people fail they simply cannot stand the taste of healthy foods. Taste is what drives most people in what they eat! If you don't enjoy it you won't do it when the going gets tough.

What this means is that bad calorie foods loaded in sugar will taste to sweet to consume, giving you the motivation to choose a healthier option. This also means that low in sugar bitter or sour good calorie foods like fruits, veggies, vinegar are enhanced and will taste great!

All you do is let one tablet fully dissolve on your tongue and then for 1hr your taste buds are altered.



Here is a list of the best tasting foods to try with my newest product Sixth Sense.

You can use these foods to replace bad foods from your diet using your temporarily altered taste buds to your advantage.

1. Lemons – taste very sweet alot like lemonade.

2. Tomato – tastes very sweet to me like a raspberry

3. Lime – really really sweet – like drinking lime cordial.

4. Orange – too sweet – ruby red oranges are delicious.

5. Tabasco Sauce – delicious, must try!

6. Goats Cheese – tastes like frosting

7. Vinegar – tastes Like treacle.

8. Anything Pickled like gherkins, pickled onions taste like candy.

9. Salt and Vinegar Chips – tastes like chinese sweet and sour.

10. Guinness – tastes like chocolate milk shake.

11. Blue Cheese – tastes like milk cream.

12. Grapefruit – very sweet you can’t stop eating them !

13. Granny Smiths Apple or cooking apple – tastes much sweeter.

14. Strawberry – taste like sugar coated strawberry.

15. Broccoli – sweetness enhanced

16. Pizza with tomato topping – the tomato makes the whole pizza sweet. (which is good for cutting the amount you eat)

17. Cottage cheese taste like a creamy cake filling.

18. Cherries – taste glazed like candy.

19. Cream Cheese – tastes like cheesecake.

20. Kiwi Fruit – the inital tang is gone sweetness enhanced.

21. Flavored seltzer water tastes awesome instead of flavorless.

Sixth Sense


Flavor Tripping Parties

Is your Bar, Club or Restaurant interested in attracting a new crowd to improve revenues?  Flavor tripping parties are fun for the entire family and a great idea to host events to increase your customer base. 

Most places will set up a buffet that has a very affordable fee per person that covers the cost of one tablet and allows access to a variety of tasting samples fun for everyone to try.  For the adults special order cocktails can be made using fruit flavors and flavored beers to enhance the flavor tripping experience.  Our boxes come with 12 tablets that we sell for 20.00 so your organization can charge 2.00 per tablet when constructing your buffet total price and profit 4.00 per box on top of buffet and drink profits. 

When you work with Bodybuilders Bodywash you are helping a Registered Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business succeed.  You are also increasing awareness of your establishment by adding a new event that will generate positive reviews and repeat customers. 

100% made in the USA!!!! Not made in Taiwan or China. Keep jobs in America!!!!!     

Reasons to choose Sixth Sense

Our products are grown here in the USA on an Organic farm registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer services.  And has received recognition fro Water Quality/Quantity best Management practices for Specialty Fruit and Nut.

Registered with the NSF in meeting GMP Requirements in  NSF/ANSI Standard 173, Section 8 Dietary Supplements.

Veteran owned and operated

Our main ingredient the miracle berry has been used for over 275 years without any noted harmful or adverse side effects.  This has been used to treat child obesity, chemo therapy patients, diabetics, the elderly, taste test parties and for athletes to safely reduce bad calorie foods to lose weight.

12 count tablets 100mg each

No GMO, Bee Friendly Farm